You will not believe This is Garbage City

Do you know that the least garbage in the world is found in Sweden, but Egypt’s ward, the Manshiyat Naser, is called ‘Garzeb City’, or ‘City of Trash’. In Garbage City you will find garbage and just garbage only to see and nothing else. There are streets, house balconies, terraces or lanes, you will see garbage spread everywhere. Actually, garbage is brought from nearby cities and it is recycled. This is the reason why there is so much garbage in here. Here live 60 thousand people …

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Why does Manshiyat Naser refer as Garbage City?

– There is a population of around 60 thousand in this slum area. The area, roads, and balcony surrounding this village are all full of garbage. Actually, this garbage is the result of the metropolitan area, where there is no proper system to collect garbage in spite of having 20 million population.

– For the last 70 years, people who take garbage are told to collect garbage by going to the doorsteps of the residents here and take small salaries instead. These garbage collectors are brought to the truck through Nashik Nasir. After this, the women and the children separate those wastes.

– The condition of Nasir, the owner of Naseer is not very good in health. In view of the situation here, the Municipal Corporation of Kahira had hired private companies for disposal waste in 2003, which was not suitable for garbage holders. Then there was a swine flu round, which prompted the government to kill pigs, which have a significant role in cleaning the organic waste material.

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