Why Buffet System is Dangerous for your Health

If you are eating buffets of food in a wedding, or a holiday hotel, then you can get sick soon. This has been revealed in a recent survey. This survey has shown that most people are getting sick due to eating food that is available in buffets in today’s time.

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What do the Experts Say?

Some UK tourism experts say that standing in line, eating different types of dishes in the plate, eating food ie buff, makes people sick. Experts have said that most of the food served in Buffett is repeatedly heated and for this reason its quality gets spoiled. It has been found in the survey that in every six persons, who went out of the house in the last three years, he fell ill. Of this, about 77 percent of the people had to say that the reason for their poor health was the stay in the hotel and there was food.

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Why is eating buffet dangerous?

Not only that, many companies related to the tourism business in the UK told that most people asked to pay compensation because they were having difficulties eating large hotels and resort. This is because food produced in these places is served as buff and it lasts for several hours and it is heated again and again. UK Travel Agents Association says that since 2013, the number of complaints related to holiday related benefits has increased 6 times since 2013. Experts say that either the food is cold or the winters warm. But, if it is heated a bit, it is harmful to health.

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