Things To Consider Before Buying A Grow Tent

What is Grow Tent?

A Grow tent is basically a fabric box that is lined up with light as well as heat reflective material and also is equipped with light and basic ventilation. With this device becomes possible for you to grow all types of plants indoors all the year. If you do outdoor gardening you will always be at the mercy of the weather. So, it won’t matter what the weather outside is, you can always grow fruits, veggies, flowers, and even herbs indoors with the best grow tent 2018. This is a portable, reusable grow room made of a sturdy canvas exterior. In order to increase the effectiveness of built-in grow lights, grow tents do have reflective interior material. The major advantage is that it offers insulation to retain the heat that the grow light does produce. In hunt for the best grow lights?

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These days, many brands are offering to grow tent in order to meet the rising demand of customers. Not, only this if you plan to buy a grow chamber, then it is much obvious that you will be confused in deciding which one to buy. You can follow the tips below before choosing a grow tent:

1. Size of the tent

The Size of the tent is the first thing to be considered when you buy a grow tent. Deciding on the size sounds difficult and might create confusion for many. First and foremost, you need to decide which crop you would want to cultivate. As some plants grow up to a longer height so knowing the type is necessary to decide the size. So, if the tent is of a low base whole of the cultivation would get ruined. It is always advisable to determine the size of the tent in accordance with the height of the plants. So, if you plan to cultivate a small number of plants, then you need to opt for a small grow tent, but if you are planning to go in for a large indoor garden then you need to choose a larger tent.

2. Layout & placement of the tent

Once you have decided upon the appropriate size, it is equally important to know the correct positioning of the tent. It is obvious that you can’t really place your tent in the living room right! So, you need to decide its positioning. These grow tents are considered portable but still, it is equally necessary to find a permanent place for the tent. What you can do is prepare a diagram of the installation of the tent on paper. This diagram should necessarily include all the access points like water as well as electricity plugs. Once you have drawn the diagram looking at the size and diagram of the tent, you can easily decide which would be the perfect place for the installation of the tent.

3. Equipment

In order to get productive cultivation, it is always important to verify the kind of equipment that is provided in the tent. LED grow lights are very much necessary inside the chamber in order to control the temperature. In the absence of proper lights, it becomes difficult to ensure a constant temperature in the grow tent. Also, there should be an adequate ventilation system that too with a reliable fan as that would help in removing the bad odor from the tent.  There should also be heating and cooling devices in order to control the outside temperature as per the season. Further, a dedicated air purification system is also a must so that fresh air can flow in the chamber.

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4. Budget

Since there are different brands in the market, they all have a different cost for the grow tent. If you don’t act smart-mindedly here you would definitely lose money. You need to keep all these points in mind so that you can find an appropriate tent that would be within your budget. It is also advisable to not invest more than what is your specified budget.

 5. Accessories and Features

If you wish to add those extra lights or even hang some of your plants, you need to ensure that your tent is being equipped with some strong support bars on the top. These accessories also come handy for hanging ventilation fans and also securing air ducting which is an added advantage.

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