6 Things that You should not do While Working on Office Computer

Your office if a place where you work for 8-10 hours daily and spend most of our time. We work for money and knowledge. In other words, we flip time for money.  Honestly, no one can concentrate on this much longer for work only. Se, we split our time during work and do something for refreshment or other purposes. What not should be done in office for any reason will harm your work.

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1. Do not save Personal files in Office Computer


It would be better if you do not save any of your documents or files. By doing this it is possible that you have prepared a great project for the future and it leaks in the office.

2. Online Search


In some large companies, some people are kept to monitor employees only. In this case, your company knows about which website you visit and what you search.

3. Do not talk private on chat


Nowadays, every company is tracking employees on Google hangouts and apps like WhatsApp. In this case, you need to be careful, otherwise, sometimes the personal message can go to the office chat group. Also, only in the group do not talk about work.

4. Do not access Personal Email


Open your e-mail id when necessary at work in the office, because you do not know what your friend can send to e-mail? This may also be a virus mailed to your private mail and spread to all the systems of the office.

5. Do not search for jobs


Do not search for other jobs by forgetting on the concrete of the office. This can spoil your image, and anyway the company is giving you money for the job and not just searching for a job. For any reason, if HR or management is known about it then you may have difficulty further.

6. Online Shopping


We all have habit of Shopping but Online shopping is becoming trend these days.  You should be aware that the company is paying you for work, not for online shopping. In such a situation, it will be better if you work only in the office because the company knows the work you do on your computer.

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