Summer decor ideas that are light on your pocket

Summer is around the corner and it is the perfect time to think of giving a quick décor change for your home. With the weather being warm, bring in some tropical vibes which are simply but gives a luxurious twist to your house. Each season has a unique characteristic to it and summer is all about bright colors, coastal accessories and adding some greenery to the place.  So here we have got you all the Summer decorating ideas that you need for the summer. Also, we have got it in your budget. Surprised? Yes, with furniture coupons you can give the best summer look to your home in your budget.

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Summer home decor ideas

7 Summer Decoration Ideas are

1. Enhance the color

The best summer décor you can give to your home is by adding bright colors. Add some new throw pillows, removable slipcovers or a bold throw for starters. You can also add florals or traditional patterns or some contemporary prints. Also, mix and match patterns but don’t stay out of a collective color scheme to help the styles synchronize together.

2. Update the furniture

Tired of the same and boring look of your old furniture, then this is the perfect time to revamp them. But you don’t need to spend a lump of money for buying the new furniture. Just by altering their color you can give them a fresh look. Give your chair or side table a new look by using high-gloss spray paint in a warm hue, such as grassy green or sky blue. The glossy paint will give your old furniture a renewed and fresh look.

3. Use plants

Summer is the best time to make your place shine green. Plants require some maintenance but a beautiful display of colors is totally worth it. It is not necessary to have a lot of outdoor space on your yard, porch or deck but the season of summer is perfect for cultivating a few plants. Also, remember to pin the flowers to the centerpieces and arrangements on your table. Living plants can also be used to ornament the indoors of your home. Use non-traditional containers like a watering can or paint a terra cotta pot.

4. Take away the heavy draperies

Meanwhile, summer has already entered and so you need to eradicate all those hefty draperies which will make your room look gauche and clumsy. So instead of using heavy draperies, you can bring this summer two-tone natural linen curtain and roller blinds to your home. You can find them in the markets crowded with many colorful and printed shades like starfish prints, sea beach prints, boat picture prints etc, which will bring a seaside sense and fun.

5. Art Exchange

Thinking about decorating your home for summer then you need to give attention to the walls of your home. If the walls of your home are empty, then summer is the best time to fill them with some lovely and convincing pieces of art. Brightening the nautical wall decor is the best choice. It is the perfect blank-wall solution for a big and expansive room. These days the markets are crowded with many colorful art pieces of numerous sizes. So, you can select a large art piece or an assortment of smaller art pieces to make your wall more convincing and attractive.

6. Get a sea-inspired wind chime

Planning to welcome summer in a distinctive way? There is nothing superior to a sea-inspired wind chime. So instead of selecting a traditional wind chime, choose a sea-inspired wind chime this summer. Select some of those cool-hued summer wind chimes with seashells and debris. While choosing a wind chime always be creative. You can also add colorful gemstone and shells to make your wind chime even more striking. Add some nautical charms or coastally inspired lanterns to make your living room look more attractive and gorgeous.

7. Change the scented candles

Scented candles are very imperious whenever you decorate your living room. Their aromas have the capacity to lift the mood of your guests. Every season you need a different scented candle. So with the change of each seasons, you should change the scent of the candle. For winter gingerbread and evergreen are perfect for their great smells. But in the summer, you need fresh scents like ocean breeze or cucumber-melon. So, to make your home summer ready, you need to change your scented candles.

These are the summer décor ideas that you need to try it at home. All these are not pricey and can be done with a small but will give a new and attractive look to your house. These ideas won’t burn up your budget and you will totally love it. If your budget permits, then you can also contact a home decorative expert and discuss ideas for the new summer home look.

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