Smart tree planted in Dubai – Sit below & Connect to the World

This thing is no longer hidden from anyone that the world of solar energy is growing in the sector. Palm trees run by this same solar energy have also been installed in Dubai. These Smart Trees planted on the beach provide free Wi-Fi signals to the people and tourists coming here. They work like Palm Tree Sustainable Recharge Station. They take energy from a solar panel on the leaves of smart trees.

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There are some such specialties of Smart Trees …

– This will connect the user via Wi-Fi hotspot. It has 360 degrees infrared CCTV camera and an emergency button has been installed.

– Every tree will have charging points. Apart from this, in any direction 100 meters of distance will be its Wi-Fi range.

– The length of these trees is 20 feet and their leaves are spread over 18 square meters area. They will only be charged in the day and keep the energy store for the night.

– These trees will remain full charge even during the day and will give all the facilities. The information on this screen will be given in Dubai.

Now, if you are planning to visit Dubai for Holidays or any other reason. You have an option to spend time on these Smart trees. Sit below and connect to the world with ease and reliability of your Home or office.  You will have a wonderful experience along with your vacation time.

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