6 Signs of a Great Rehab Centers

Choosing between rehab centers is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself or a loved one. But how do you choose between different options? What makes luxury rehab organization better than another? This depends in part on individual needs, but there are also ways to spot centers that rise head and shoulders above the rest. Watch for signs like these when making your choice.


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1. Inpatient Options

Inpatient refers to the option to have patients stay at the facility itself, which provides room and board for patients throughout the program. In general, it is best to consider Rehab Recovery Centers that offer this inpatient type of treatment. Outpatient treatment can be helpful in some cases, but usually, inpatient treatment is the best bet for rehab, no matter what your goals. The controlled environment, the opportunity to get away and explore a new place, and the higher level of care all combine to make inpatient options more effective.

2. A Variety of the Right Kind of Activities

All rehab centers – especially the inpatient variety – offer a number of different activities. These are healthy pastimes that range greatly from exercise and art to classes and walks around the grounds. The goal of these activities is to both take the patient through the program and to provide distractions and lifestyle-improving opportunities. This is all great, but you should understand that different rehab centers offer different activities, and not all are the best bet for everyone. Choose the center with activities that appeal the most to the patient: Not all opportunities are equal, especially when an individual taste is involved.

3. No Investors

Investors are not always a great sign when it comes to rehab organizations. While investors can provide capital that allows clinics to expand and offer a wider range of programs, they also create certain obligations for the clinic, specifically when it comes to revenue. This may lead to problems like high turnover and focus on moving patients through programs quickly. It is often better to pick a clinic where the focus is more on the patient if possible.

4. Medical Care

Licensed and experienced medical staff on the premises is a valuable feature for rehab clinics, especially during emergencies. Look for amenities like this that show the center really has the patient’s health and recovery in mind. Those without any type of medical care should raise alarm bells – investigate further to make sure the program is legitimate.

5. Recovery Programs that Last Long Enough

Recovery programs should include options that allow patients to extend their time with the clinic if necessary. This is a sign that programs are designed to fit each patient’s individual needs. An ineffective program cuts treatment short at a pre-decided point in time and could make rehab ultimately unsuccessful.

6. Success Rates

Success rates are a numerical way of judging clinics. There’s some give and take here – a lot depends on location, types of programs, and other factors. But if judging between two similar organizations, take a look at success rates, which usually refer to how many patients stay clean for at least a year after graduating from the program. Clinics should be willing to offer this information.

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