Restless syndrome could be reason behind the habit of Continuously moving feet While Sleeping and Sitting

People often start moving feet when the time is free or in sports. Slowly this game turns into a bad habit. Some people find that this habit takes the limelight to the extent that they keep shaking their legs. According to a report, 10 percent of the people have this habit. Most of the symptoms are found in people over 35 years but nowadays people of lesser age get used to it too. If you have a habit of sitting or lying down the feet then be careful that somewhere this habit of moving feet will not become a threat to you. This habit of moving your feet may also be symptoms of the restless syndrome. Let’s know some more things about it.

What is restless syndrome?

This disease is caused by iron deficiency. In most people over 35, this disease is found, but nowadays, the habit of moving feet is nowadays even in younger people. In this disease related to the nervous system, Dopamine hormones tend to be repeated because of it. This problem is also called sleep disorder. If sleep is not complete, the person feels tired If you have symptoms, you should get blood test immediately.

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According to the research, it is the reason

This disease is mostly due to lack of iron and lack of sleep. Apart from this, this disease can also be due to hormonal changes in kidneys, Parkinson’s patients, sugar, BP, heart, and women in the last days of delivery.

Is the treatment possible?

This disease is mostly due to lack of sleep and iron deficiency. Therefore, iron and other medicines are given in this disease, which has to be taken two hours before sleeping. These medicines remove sleep disorder and normalize the situation.

Home remedies

Apart from medicines, you can also make some home remedies to remove this disease. In your diet, add iron-like things like spinach, mustard greens, beetroot, banana etc. Apart from this, exercising on a daily basis, hot and cold bath and walking on the vibrating pad get rid of this problem.

Stay away from these things

Avoid taking tea and coffee after dinner. Also, do not use TVs, smartphones, gadgets, and laptops before sleeping. Take a light meal in the night so that sleep is good. Apart from this, also distance from alcohol and smoking.

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