How to protect yourself from Heat Stroke?

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. Heat stroke causes if anybody remains for a long period of time in high-temperature which can also result in dehydration. This situation can cause the body’s temperature control system to worsen. So, if you feel weak while moving out in heat or if the throat and tongue start drying more, then immediately go to the shade and consume fluid as much as possible to avoid heat stroke.

There is a lot of heat in mostly in plains of northern India and mercury could cross over 44 degrees in summer. In this case, problems like heat stroke and dehydration are increasing rapidly. Doctors believe that elderly, children, and people who are already suffering from any disease, are more sensitive to heat problems. By doing this, by changing our diet and by taking some precautions, we can also avoid heat-related diseases such as Heatstroke, dehydration, food poisoning, typhoid, and sunburn.

Heat Stroke Symptoms

Due to excessive sweating in the body due to excessive sun exposure in summer, water becomes deficient. It creates situations like a headache, fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, cramps in the body, vomiting, abdominal pain, burning sensation, diarrhea, dizziness, as well as deteriorating mental equilibrium are the symptoms of heat stroke.

Heat can also damage your skin, so wear luscious and light colored clothes, apply sunscreen and cover the face thoroughly before leaving the sun. Doctors believe that due to excessive sweating in the summer, fungal allergies are also expected. Therefore it is also necessary to avoid this.

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How to protect yourself from Heat Stroke?

1. Follow a Proper Diet Plan

– Stay away from cold drink as often as possible.
– Use lemon juice instead of cold drink
– Mix jaggery in curd and feed it.

2. Fear of food poisoning

– Do not buy chopped fruit
– Do not eat stale food
– Do not eat fried foods sold out in the open
– Drink liquid as much as you can.
– Eating open juice can also be fatal, avoid it too
– Ask the doctor if you need it

3. If you are going out of the house in the sun, then keep these important things in mind

– Wear loose clothes instead of tight clothes, so that the air seems in the body
– It would be better to wear cotton clothes. Avoid wearing synthetic, polyester clothes
– Do not leave empty stomach when leaving your house, avoid getting hungry for more
– When leaving the house, come out with water, cold water or water, and take a bottle of water.
– Do not drink cold water immediately after excessive sweating. Drink plain water. Extend the lassi intake

4. What to do When you pick Children from school in the fierce heat

– Soak the towels in water and cover them, so that the child’s body cools down
– Use of umbrellas will also be better
– Wear full sleeve so that the body is fully covered.
– Instead of dark clothes, children wear only light colors or white clothes.
– Keep checking the color of children’s urine, give the baby plenty of water when urine is yellow, and consult a doctor if necessary.

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