Now Remove Insects From Your House with These Home Remedies

Some insect grows in our house due to change in weather, there are some like flies, mosquitoes, lizards, mumps, mice, etc. Once these things get place in the house, it does not go away quickly. To get rid of them, we often use different types of pesticide spray in the market, but if they do not work, the problem increases. If you are also disturbed by mice flies, mosquitoes or rats in the house then today we will tell you some home remedies for insect removal, which will be of great help to you.

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5 Insect Removal Tips from Your Home

1. To remove bees

– Take little cloves and put them in the apples, put them in such a place where the flies are more. This will keep flies away forever.

– By planting Basil plant, flies are not seen at home. Therefore, plant basil plants in your house.

– Burn the camphor in the room and spread its smoke across the house. The flies will run away from it.

2. For lizard 

If you see the lizards in the house, you should hang the garlic buds on every door and walls. Lizard will run away from it.

– Keep eggshells in the kitchen or on the window. Lizards will not be seen in the house even with egg shells.

– Add black pepper powder to water and mix well. Paste it into the spray bottle and sprinkle it in the corners of the house.

3. To remove the ants

– Mix white vinegar in a water bucket. Then wipe that water into the house. This will run away from the ants.

Whereas mixing some drops of peppermint in the water that is wiping, even then the ants will not be visible in the house.

– The ats will also stay away from keeping the Tejpal in the corners of the house.

4. For moth rats

If mice appear in the house, apply peppermint oil to cotton, and keep them near pits of rats.

Grind leaves of mint leaves on the place where the rats appear more.

Besides, the rats escape away from the onion juice of onions. Cut the slices of onions and keep them near the moth pits.

5. To prevent cockroaches

– Cockroaches often appear in homes, soaking in the water with baking soda. The cockroaches will run away from it.

– Sprinkling cups of cupboards and borax powder in windows will also get rid of cockroaches.

– Cockroaches also run away from cloves. Put cloves in the corner of the house for this.

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