Luxury Hotel Opens For Dogs in Gurugram

Some people have too much shout to walk around. But he is always worried about keeping pets in the house. She often thinks of whom she should be left away. Who do their full care If you are also disturbed by this, today we will tell you about a place where the full pleasure of dogs is taken care of.

A hotel named Critterati is open for dogs in India’s Gurogram. There will also be a belt of dogs, a bedroom bed, TV and private balcony. All their facilities were taken care of. This hotel will have to pay a rupee four thousand rupees for a night to spend. This hotel starts the day in a different way. First of all, it breaks at 7 o’clock then breakfast is given once again. A separate 2 hour play session, swimming session, café time is given for playing.

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A playroom is also designed separately for dogs to play. Apart from this, there is also a Dog Cafe, in which food items are kept for dogs. The menu contains many things like rice-chicken, muffin, pancake and ice cream. Not only this, but the Belgian beer without alcohol is also kept for dogs.

Dogs feel very hot during the summer season. Considering this, a swimming pool has also been built on the hotel’s terrace. Most importantly, ayurvedic oil and a spa are also provided for dog massage.

If your dog gets sick then you do not need to know elsewhere. The 24-hour veterinary doctor is present at Critterati Hotel. Along with this the operation theater has been built. Medical Unit is available at all times in this.

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