3 Lifestyle Problems Will make You Suffer from Back Pain

2. Poor habits

Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket and sit down all day long at a desk? Do you have a habit of carrying a backpack on one shoulder? Do you slouch or have poor posture? These are all habits that can cause back pain.

All of these small habits may seem harmless, but what they really do is they take your spine out of symmetrical alignment. You want to use your body evenly on both sides, when you don’t, our bones are pushed out of alignment and added pressure is placed on your nerves. Additionally, this can result in muscular imbalances that will further push your spine out of alignment over time.

The way to deal with this is to pay more attention to how you hold your body throughout the day. Remember, the ideal way to do things will use your body evenly and symmetrically. Try to avoid any activities that favor one side of your body over another, especially activities that involve your spine.

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