Laws in Dubai that you should Know before visiting in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful place with exotic locations, you will find one of the biggest man-made monuments in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa. But before visiting Dubai you should aware of Laws in Dubai. If you are not aware of Dubai Laws then you could find yourself in a big trouble because may not that you are doing in your country is an ordinary thing but under crime in Dubai

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==>> According to the law of Dubai, if there is sudden death of a foreign citizen, then the postmortem is essentially done. The purpose of this is to know the real cause of death.

==>> The police process of the police is also quite long. The postmortem report is stamped on the police. After completing the investigation, information is given to the embassy of the respective country. Then the passport of the deceased is canceled by the Embassy.

==>> In addition, No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued. Only after carrying out such a complete procedure can anybody be taken out of Dubai.

==>> Couple can’t kiss on public place

==>> Can’t even walk while holding a girls hand.

==>> Lovers can’t live in together.

==>> Girls have to wear clothes covering their body

==>> can’t drink on public places.

==>> You can’t take pictures of building associated with politic or army

==>> Theft and cheating is a big crime and subjected to severe punishment.

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