Know the difference between love and attraction

Have you ever loved someone? Someone ever gave up? But still, love remained unilaterally. There are some who even shy away from entering the game of commission. Being single is a symbol of freedom which has been made. But in this race to stay single, most of the boys are seen. During dating, the girls are more likely to see the commitments, but the boys are trapped in confusion.

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How to Know the difference between love and attraction?

Girls do not have any special duties in recognizing boys running away from their commitments. Looking at certain things, you can guess that the boy does not want to commit, like:

1. She officially lets you make her own girlfriend.

2. He repeatedly mentions that his work is necessary for him and he has to focus on his career.

3. He does not connect you with your friends and family.

4. He does not keep planning for anything in the past but makes all plans at the last minute.

5. Dating is the most time for weekends, but it does not happen with you on weekends.

6. It is not emotional.

7. She keeps friendships and conversations with many more girls.

Perhaps for the girl, it is most painful that the boy in which she is investing her time and her emotions is not only serious about the relationship. In such a situation, the girl does not know where she finally stands in that boy’s life. There is only one misconception in mind, that he likes it but walks away from love and his expressiveness.

Not necessarily got to see it always. Many times a boy is entangled in the pressure of his work or is cheated by his x-girlfriend. In such a case, he also dislikes the commitments. So in such a way, the boy’s mind is stuck. Perhaps he expects something more than a physical relationship. Follow the path of emotional bonding with him. From the time of office to dinner, mention your concern.

When you have spent your time, your energy and your emotions in a boy, then it is not okay to retreat. Understand the needs of the boy of your choice. And if the Commitment is a question, then you take the initiative.

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