List Numbers of Reasons Why I Don’t Drink

As a human being, I think we agree and realize that drinking is not a good habit. What’s interesting in this argument is that question such “is alcohol addictive?” still, exist. It is being asked by those who can actually not rely on alcohol but they drink it. Don’t you ever think that this statement is just as an excuse?

It is also can’t be avoided that most people need something to rely on and the alcohol is becoming their best answer. But don’t you know that this answer is actual will make other worst problem? Let’s put aside the religion background why people should not drink. Let’s face the reality first that even in medical; alcohol will ruin your health.

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is alcohol addictive

Questioning again; Is alcohol addictive?

We know exactly that too many proofs from such research to make us realize how addictive alcohol is. And this is getting clearer that we should stop with drinking habit once we knew the fact. Well, addiction is actually not a brain disease but this is actually a choice we should choose from the very beginning. So the point is when we face such situations and we choose to have a drink is actually your own choice. But sadly people realize that this is a bad choice once they have the bad impact for their body.

The answer for is alcohol addictive is yes. But what you need to understand is that this is actually a choice. A choice you can make in the first place. Sadly, people begin to believe that for every their problems alcohol is the best answer. Well, actually there are a bunch of ways for us to avoid this bad little thing.

  • Clear your mind first

It is hard to find such a tight grip when we have such a big burden of life. And it can be understood that alcohol is becoming the easiest thing to reach out. But try to clear out your mind first before you grab the evil thing. Try to set your mind that alcohol will ruin my liver. Well, this is true. So plan that on your mind so that you can find other things to grip on.

  • Tell everything to God

For some people, the reason will be such a cliché. But if you brave your heart to talk to God I can assure you that it will more relieve than grab a bottle of alcohol. No need to pray just talk. With all the power and the mercies of God, you will find some peace of mind and face your problem bravely. Remember that we can avoid the alcoholic thing when we can choose the right decision. And talk to God is actually the right answer for us.

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Facts on why alcohol is addictive?

Like we said before that there are a bunch of research we can take surround us to proof the question why is alcohol addictive? What you need to realize is that this is the medical answers. If you are one of the skeptical it is going to better if you found out the reality first. And we believe that you will find the connection between the facts and religions.

Talking about religions, we believe all the religions that exist in this world will agree that alcohol is a bad thing. It is addictive, damage your body and will end your life in a short time. But the even irony is that people still questioning “why is alcohol addictive?” The short and fast answer is that it can kill you. End of story. But still, we will give you these facts to make you more realize that being an alcoholic is a bad idea.

  • It is more dangerous than marijuana

Let me tell you one interesting fact that no one dies because of marijuana but people die by alcohol use. The fact is that 37,000 annual deaths because of alcohol. This is based on U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports. Sure when you see this fact you need to think again what’s the benefits in drinking alcohol moreover being an alcoholic. Do you think you are getting more confident? Well, believe me, that this is just for one second.

  • It causes cancer

This is another fact you should realize. You know exactly how bad cancer for your life, right? It is not because it can ruin your body and even cause you death but the worst is how it can attack the ones you love your family. They should take another burden in their life to keep you alive. Believe me that nothing worse than knowing your family sad because of your bad choice. So try to always remember the worse effect when you do one thing and stop questioning “why is alcohol addictive?” because deep down you already know the answer.

The point is that you can make those steps and reasons as your reason why you don’t drink. Well, it is important for a man to have a reason for every decision that he made. If you find it hard to believe in what religion told you to relate it to the reality around you. There is always a connection between both of them. The reason why God forbids you doing a thing is that He doesn’t want to see His creatures suffering.

What you need to understand is that you need to be an open mind person first to find out that stop drinking is a good decision. Besides, nowadays, people start campaigning to live healthily. By knowing the fact how bad it is for your life it’s getting easier for you to avoid it and even more stop to do it. It will be hard in the beginning but once you believe it you will understand and getting easier to do it.

Stop questioning “is alcohol addictive?” or “why is alcohol addictive?” because you know deep down you already know the answer. It is hard to admit it but once you try, to be honest with yourself you will be fine.

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