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Everybody knows that love is blind. However, one does also know that language is a very big barrier when it comes to signifying love to someone that you feel a deep bond with. After all, telling somebody I love you is tantamount to displaying your undying love, faithfulness, loyalty, aspiration, desperation as well as any form of emotion that you have for that person till the last breath. With that in check, it will tell you of a true story about a friend of mine. For security purposes, let’s call him Jack.

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How learning Spanish merged two hearts into one

Well, Jack and I have been friends for a very long time, since he ended up as the next bench boy in my elementary school. We have grown up together, had a lot of fun times, which consists of foolish as well as dangerous events that could have ended up on the wrong side of the law. However, once we had grown up, it was a different ball game. Hormones raged within us, and we were always looking out for ways in which we could explore new bestsellers, visit new countries, and take to ways in which we could express our emotions. Well, fate seemed to have smiled upon us at last, and upon graduating from college, instead of taking on jobs, we went on a two week vacation to Spain. Due to circumstances which I will explain later on, the trip was extended to a month.

Well, upon landing in Spain, we went to all the places that a traveler would normally visit. We went up on a trip to Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Toledo, a place which is also known as a very small town that is located on a mountaintop in central Spain. It happened to serve as the capital of Spain until the 16th century. However, since this particular area was also the hotbed of different cultures, and mostly inhabited by the Christians, Muslims as well as Jews for a considerable period of time, the city was also known as the city of three cultures. The architecture was brilliant, and all the things that we would have possibly wanted from Spain were to be found in this particular place.

What was unknown to us is that although we might have gone there for the beauty of Spain, we were slowly mesmerized with the idyllic lifestyle as well as the kind of stunning cathedrals and architectural marvels that we could see on a daily basis. It is at this particular place that my friend, Jack came across a beautiful creature by the name of Lorenza. She was petite, tan and looks beautiful under the rays of the sun. She was a shopkeeper, selling artifacts in front of a wonderful cathedral that we had come to visit on a daily basis. However, most of the time, we were mesmerized by the beauty of the architecture and did not take a look into the locals. However, once Jack took a look at her, I could see that he was lost.

When we first met her, our two week vacation was nearly over. It was time for us to go back home, and slog it out as professionals for the rest of our lives. However, seeing the intent that Jack had in his mind, I had to give in and extend the vacation to a month. Now, in the hardest part. Jack, in all his entirety, did not know an ounce of Spanish. Although we did try our best to converse with her, one could say that although there was a physical attraction between the two of them, there was nothing that could actually be told to one another so as to gradually increase the bonhomie between each other.

This is when Jack took the liberty of telling everything through sign language. However, after a while, when you see two people, perfectly capable of hearing each other, conversing with each other through sheer will and sign language, it becomes boring. As a person watching this conversation, I felt it very funny. However, Jack was trying his best to showcase his love for her, and this is when he knew that it was a lost cause. He had to learn Spanish.

How to Say I Love you in Spanish

The first thing he did was to learn the Spanish interpretation of “I Love you” which was “te amo”. He memorized it, and tried to implement that in his conversation the next time they had a chat. It was without saying that Lorenza did agree to his proposal. However, you cannot have entire conversations by just speaking two words over and over again. This is when Jack understood that he would have to learn Spanish, and very fast. After all, time was running out, and we had limited resources as well as a very short amount of time before we were to report for other positions in the respective offices.

Well, Jack learned how to say I love you in Spanish, as well as I love you too in Spanish. It felt like his emotions were being liberated all of a sudden, and within no time, they were in hammered with each other. Constant conversations, although broken, would be flooded with I love you so much in Spanish, as well as I love you in English as well. This led to Jack trying to understand the intricate details of the Spanish language, and learning his way and becoming very capable to speak the Spanish language within a short period of time.

After the extended two weeks were over, we had to report to our offices. However, conversations with Lorenza via phone calls, as well as text messages were all done by Jack after reaching our country. Little did I know that he went on to take a full-fledged Spanish course, and within a period of two months, even from a complete novice in Spanish to someone that is fluent enough in order to talk with a local person without a break. After a span of three years of intercontinental dating, Jack and Lorenza are going to be married. As a friend, I have the utmost regard for his dedication to learning a completely new language for his love. As a human being, I can only say that love trumps everything and can easily overcome any barriers.

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