How to Write a Check Step by Step

Filling out a check might seem to be a simple thing to do, but you might not know exactly how to write a check when it comes to you to do it. It can be quite complicated in certain ways. This is why you need to find out more about several things which will need to be understood carefully. The following steps that you are going to find below will help you fill out a check. It can be quite simple, but you might find it is complicated when you don’t do it correctly. The best way is to follow these steps thoroughly so that you will not find any difficulty when you have to fill out a check later.

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how to write a check

How to Write a Check?

Follow the given steps if you want to know how to write a check and don’t want to get thrashed by the fear of check bounce.

First Step

There are several steps which will need you to fill out several parts on the check before it can be used properly. The date and the payee will be the section where you need to fill out the check. You will need only to write the date which is located on the top right corner. It is usually filled out with the today’s date, but some other conditions might need you to write the different date. The other part that you need to write is the payee. The payee means the person for whom you make the check out to. It can be a person or business which will be authorized to cash the check.

After you have finished writing the date and payee, now you need to write the amount of the payment you want. It will be the next step in how to write a check. This is also an important point where you need to write correct numeric form. Since the part where you will write the number is easy to find, the tips will be more on how you can write the number correctly. The first thing to notice is that you need to add number correctly. For instance, you will add $7.45 for the check. You must add 7 right up against the left-hand border which is near the dollar box. It will help you prevent anyone toad extra number on it. It will not be helpful for you when anyone may add an extra number on before 7.

Once you have done with the number, you need to write the number with words. It will be very helpful to avoid any confusion and prevent fraud. The full dollar might be quite easy to write in word especially when you find that the symbol of the dollar is there. However, you might also find the “cent” in your check. What you need to do is to use a fraction to write the cents in your check. According to the example above, you can write “Eight and 45/100” to write $7.45. Furthermore, you will also need to add a line after the last number. It will prevent anyone to add more numbers to the space left.

The Next Further Steps

Those steps above are about writing the name, date, and the amount of the check. In these next steps, you will go further with the memo and sign. On this field, you need only to add your signature to the available field for your sign. Although some service provider might not check your sign, it will always be a good idea to have a consistent signature. It will be very easy to make it as the proof when someone is trying to use your signature illegally.

One more important thing is to pay attention to a specific space where it can be used fraudulently. For instance, there will be space after the end of the last number in the dollar box. It is always recommended to add an extra line so that it will not leave any space for anyone to change the number including the next field where you can write the number in the word.

The Last Step

Before you can finish with how to fill out a check, you might need to pay attention to this last thing, the record in your check register. It will help you to track what you have spent for a certain thing. You will also find that it will also let you figure out when there might be any fraud or identity theft. You need to make sure that you and the bank are on the same page. Moreover, it will also provide you with an instant view regarding how much money you have spent for a certain period. Looking for each detail of those steps above will be very helpful for you especially when you want to prevent any fraud that might be possible with your check.

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