How to Use String Trimmer Properly


People often refer to this string trimmer as weed-whip. The name of this tool differs from one country to another. Weedeater, whipper-snipper, line trimmer, strimmer are some of the names of this tool. This machine uses monofilament to cut grass and other objects.

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How to Use String Trimmer Properly

You must remember these following points in order to use your string trimmer appropriately

  1. When you use your trimmer, you must work with the tip of the line to make any cutting. The tip is bare and spins at high speed which makes the work faster.
  2. You must notice that the line must not bang into the debris or grass in the lawn. You must start from the edges and move bit by bit with ease into the ground. If the entire line comes in touch with the grass than the speed of the trimmer is reduced. The machine tends to lose its momentum, and the cutting is not perfect and neat.
  3. In case you are about to cut a thick area of grass, you must move the line slowly and then proceed further inside the vegetation. If you do not use it in this way, it might break or get tangled. You must go for a gas trimmer. These trimmers are more powerful than any other version of the trimmer. The gas trimmer contains heavy gage line, and you can move more part of the line into the grass area without affecting the efficiency of the machine. The trimmer does not slow down. You must be careful while using this machine and concentrate on the sound of the trimmer. You must get out of the grass as soon as the line gets slow.
  4. When you trim odd areas like the pots, pavements and kerbs, etc. there are changes of breaking of the line. This occurs as the tool often bangs against hard surfaces while they are equipped to clean only soft vegetation growth. The trimmer shears very fast in such a situation. You must use the tip of the line to make the cutting. Your trimmer will wear off rapidly but in this case, will occur bit by bit rather than a large part getting wear at a time.
  5. If you have a line that is thin gage, then it will get snapped very quickly. Thick gage lines result to be less effective when you cut at a slow speed. You can experience a significant advantage in case of a gas trimmer. The gas trimmer allows you to alter the speed according to your requirement. Thu you can set the speed depending on whether you are cutting thick grass or fine vegetation.
  6. You must first fix the angle and use the trimmer at an angle while cutting the grass or weed. You must make sure that the head does not get rubbed. You must adjust it as per the line, and it must be placed midway so that you can work with ease and cut the grass and weed smoothly.
  7. If you have climbing plants or creepers planted in your garden, then there are chances of them getting tangled around the trimmer’s head. However, the tool cuts through these. You must also keep your machine away from leaves of plants like cabbage else there are chances that the leaves get wrapped around the trimmer’s head, and the engine gets hampered.


The trimmer does not use the blade to cut grass. You can use this on a different surface, and its efficiency depends on the model and the area on which you use it.

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