How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone

If you might be thinking about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, the following tips below will be very helpful for you. Since iPhone comes with anewer model every time, you will find it is possible to find the same problem in transferring photos or the other data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. This time, we will talk more about how to transfer your photo from the old iPhone to your new iPhone. It will not be that difficult as these steps below are prepared for anyone who might not deal with iPhone so intense.

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how to transfer photos from iphone to iphone

Step by Step to Transfer the Photos

What you will find below are those easy steps that will be very helpful for you. Although the method of transferring the photos via iCloud might be the easiest you can get now, it doesn’t mean it is the simplest and the best one. You will find that there is another alternative that you can find to help you transfer the photos from the old to the next iPhone. The following steps will also need you to use a certain app to help you transfer those photos.

1st Step – Transfer Photos with AnyTrans

AnyTrans is the iOS app that will help you transfer your data. This tool is designed specifically for transferring data including more than 24 types of iOS data. You will find that different photo albums such as Photo Stream, Camera Roll, Photo Library, Camera Roll, and Photo Shares are those which is included in the list. This is a very helpful tool which will also give you some other benefit. You will not only be able to transfer the data from iPhone to iPhone, but also the data from iPhone to computer. It seems that this tool is prepared to give you that kind of complete favor. The other feature offered by this tool is that it will keep intact of both iPhones during the data transferring. It means you will not lose even one of those existing pictures.

2nd Step –Go Transferring with AnyTrans

What you need to do first to transfer your photos is to run this tool on your computer. You need to make sure that both iPhone is connected using the USB cable. The next step is to pick the photos you want to transfer. You can do it that simple. If you want to transfer all photos from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, you can follow this step. The step will be rather different. Instead of only running the tool, you need to click Content to Device. After that, you need to pick the category by clicking on the start button to start it. Those two different steps above will suit a different need. The first one will be best when you want a specific photo to transfer while the next method will be best when you want all photos to be transferred.

Extra Steps with iCloud

Just like what has been mentioned before, using iCloud might not be that practical. However, you will also find it as the part of how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. The following step will also help you deal with it as well. However, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. For instance, you need the later iOS than iOS 8.3 to be able to do it. You will also need to enable the feature if iCloud Photo Library on your both iPhone.  One more important thing is that you need the wireless connection to help you upload the photos. It is also important to have the same Apple ID logged in.

After you have followed every requirement above, you can follow this following steps below.

  • Go to Settings and tap on the iCloud. After that, you need to tap on the Photos.
  • Tap on the toggle of “iCloud Photo Library” so that it will turn on.
  • Between “Download and Keep Originals” or “Optimize iPhone Storage,” you ned to pick one of them.
  • You will be able to access the photos right away after the process of transferring is done. However, it might need you to wait for a while before it is completed.

Those steps above are different steps of how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. You might find it is not that easy to follow one of those steps. Yet, you can just try one or even all of them. Just pick any method that you think is the easiest one.


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