How to Manage Diabetes in 7 Steps

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life-altering change. It is important to learn how to correctly manage your condition to prevent serious problems from occurring. Use these tips to help you manage your condition.

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how to manage diabetes

What is Diabetes?

  • Diabetes occurs when the pancreas that secrets the hormone insulin is unable to either produce insulin or adequate amounts of insulin to balance out the amounts of glucose in the bloodstream.
  • Who can get diabetes?
  • Diabetes can affect anyone at any age.
  • There can be a family history of type I and similar family lifestyle choices combined with genetic factors can affect those who get Type I.


What Kinds of Diabetes are there?

  • Type I- Is an insulin-dependent form of diabetes, it is hereditary and usually has an onset of before or during adolescence. It is also known as Juvenile diabetes for that reason. There isn’t a way to prevent Type I but only ways of managing it.
  • Type II-is by far the most common type of diabetes and is also the most preventable. The combination of poor eating habits, inactivity, and some genetic factors causes an increase of glucose in the bloodstream and the body struggles to produce enough insulin to balance.
  • Gestational- during pregnancy the mother can have gestational diabetes which will affect the amounts of glucose in her bloodstream. It isn’t common and can be treated during pregnancy. After the delivery of the baby, the mother and the baby are typically back to normal.

What are the Symptoms

Extreme thirst of hunger

  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urination
  • Extreme weight loss in Type I and being overweight or obese for type II

How is Diabetes diagnosed?

An A1C test which is the glycated hemoglobin test which will measure the blood sugar levels of a person over the course of a few months to look for any concerns

  • Random blood and urine glucose tests that should be done at checkups.
  • Having fasting blood and urine tests, this is common during a routine prenatal visit.

How to Manage diabetes?

Proper management of your diabetes means frequent checks on your glucose levels, here is a list of some important diabetes supplies that you will need for your testing.

  • A glucose monitor, this is the device that will check the glucose levels in the blood stream. It is important to have a dependable monitor. For information on obtaining free diabetes test strips and other diabetes supplies.
  • Insulin and needles to inject, you may also need a pump and portable cooler case.
  • Any medications that your doctor gives you to help manage diabetes along with you can also buy insulin.
  • Lancets to safely and sterilely pierce your finger for a drop of blood
  • Testing strip to put the drop of blood on to be checked by the blood glucose monitor.
  • Glucose tablets, in case of becoming hypoglycemic by having too much insulin in the bloodstream glucose tablets, may be needed to balance it.
  • Urine testing strips if needed to check the ketone levels in your urine.

Lastly, it is important in order to maintain good health regardless of if you are diabetic or not having a healthy lifestyle will help manage diabetic symptoms and lower the risk of developing type II diabetes. A healthy lifestyle should include things like a well-balanced meal, routine exercise, and routine check-ups at the doctor.

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