How to Clean Your Outdoor Deck or Patio?

A patio is a beautiful place to any outdoor living area for relaxation or gets rid of any stress with your busy lifestyle.

At the same time, a clean and fresh environment on the patio or deck is n essential thing. The patio place will quickly get discolored and accumulated with dirt.

So, it must be cleaned for twice in a year to maintain its dazzling appearance.

Proper cleaning steps are helpful to maintain the fine-looking deck. Keep your open-air deck neat and hygiene by taking a look at these helpful tips to clean dirt and strains:

How to Clean patio

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What Will You Need to Clean a Patio?

  • The primary thing you required while cleaning a deck is the dedicated patio cleaner. Browse for a quality specialist patio cleaner that you get easily in nearby stores. If the patio is created with wood or stone, then use the cleaner that matches your patio type.
  • In any situation, if you don’t find the cleaner then use soda crystals in place of bleach because it will lead to discoloration or damage.
  • For a concrete type of patios, the bleach is suitable for rougher surfaces.
  • Before and after cleaning hose is required to rinse the deck.
  • If possible, you need to broom the place before and after the use.
  • Need one powerful brush to wipe the entire area with the scrub.
  • To clean the hard dirt prefers one pressure washer to get out the garbage.
  • A few gloves and eye specs because the cleaners produce corrosive and may affec t your skin and eyes.

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What Steps to Follow While Cleaning Your Patio?

The essential thing to do with patio cleaning is the preparation of a cleaning agent. Take away the furniture or other things from the patio surface before cleaning and then mix the agent in reasonable quantity in a hot water tub.

  • Hose through the entire area; if you are not willing to use a pressure washer, then hose is helpful.
  • Scrub down the whole space with a stiff brush by using the cleaning agent.
  • Leave it ideally for some time and then forcefully rinse the patio using a pressure washer.
  • Make sure to save the flowerbeds and small plants from the cleaning solution spills. Some of these products kill the grass and tiny plants, but it is also useful to remove the weeds between the patio stones.

What Steps to Follow While Cleaning Your Deck?

When cleaning the deck, you have to pay more attention since the fine wood becomes discolored or scratched by using unmatched cleaning agents. Most of the commercial deck cleaning solutions contain bleach, which causes harm to the deck and yourself. The cleaning steps for the deck are much like with the patio and additionally:

  • The primary thing is protection Take proper precautions while realigning the removed piece of wood and replace the distorted ones. The splintered wood is unsafe for the deck, so properly clean it with special chemicals.
  • Take care of your deck wood by applying the decking stain to protect from the spoil of weather. Test the deck whether it is stained or not by sprinkling with light water. If the water gets absorbed soon, then the stain is the best treatment.

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