How to Charge Mobile Battery Properly?

It is true that you will have a mobile and you have to know the way to charge it, but do you know that you have been charging your phone wrongly for years and you do not even know about it. About mobile charging, do you even know how to charge mobile battery properly? a company named Battery University has said that testing of smartphones and batteries. So let’s know what is the way to charge the battery of mobile and how should not be charged.

Charge the phone slightly

Our habit is to charge the phone fully, but according to experts, the phone should never be fully charged. This should be charged for a while.

Do not leave the mobile in charge

We often leave the mobile in charge and leave it in a work that is a very bad habit. If you have a similar habit, then change it.

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Keep the phone battery between 65% and 75%

According to Battery University keep the phone’s battery power constant, and not always keep it in charge. Try that the phone’s battery will not remain full, but between 65% and 75%.

No need to remove charger after a full charge

We usually remove it from charging when the battery is full, while the fact is that you do not have to remove the plug. With the full charge of the battery, the charger stops charging power.

Immediately stop charging if battery is overheated

You can stop charging if your battery is overheated. If it’s showing signs of overheating, again and again, maybe it’s dangerous for your health too. Now, this is the time to replace your battery.

Now you know how to charge mobile battery properly. It will help to improve battery life of your mobile phone. But, you should keep in mind that battery can’t love forever. It will be good to change your mobile phone battery in 2 years. Remember Overheated battery conditions can be dangerous for your health too.

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