How to Change Your Wheel Locks

If you have a car and haven’t been using wheel locks until now, scroll down for some basic info and some easy ways to actually use them.

What is a wheel lock?

Designed to stop the thieves from stealing the rims off your car, the wheel locks include 4 special lug nuts and one key.

Wheel locks should be installed instead of the car’s lug nuts and you’re going to be able to remove them only with a special key (it does come with the set). You can choose from various types of wheel locks, according to the style of the wheels.

You don’t need to replace all the lug nuts on your wheels with the wheel locks and you should use a torque wrench when installing them. If not properly torqued, they may rattle loose in time.

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wheel locks

Do you really need to use wheel locks?

The wheel locks are going to keep thieves at bay and they’re good enough to make them look for another car to break.

It’s cheaper to install wheel locks than replacing your rims. They’re going to take one worry away from you, and we all know you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

It’s important to mention that wheel locks are practically impossible to remove. They only leave enough room for the key to fit around them and there’s no space for a prying tool.

As opposed to bare OEM lug nuts, wheel locks look pretty cool and lock down custom rims without making them look less pretty.

When the new rims of your car look pretty, the last thing you want is to cover them with some lug nuts.

How to remove a wheel lock without a key

Even though you should use a key when removing the wheel lock, you can still do it without having one. Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • The wheel lock removal kit
  • Punch or screwdriver
  • Heavy rubber mallet
  • Your car’s lug nut wrench

As you can see, you’re going to use a universal lock removal tool for removing the wheel lock. Keep in mind that this method is going to damage the wheel lock so you’re not going to be able to use it again.

First thing first, you should look for the wheel lock key once again before using the universal kit.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Make sure your car is in park

You need to engage the car in park, applying the parking brake as well. This is going to reduce the risk for rolling motion as you’re trying to loosen the wheel lock.

  1. Look for the right wheel lock removal tool

You need to test-fit tool overtops of the wheel lock you’re planning to remove. It has to fit really snugly. The teeth on the inside of the removal socket should bite into your wheel lock.

  1. Use a mallet for hitting the tool

You need to be firm and to hit the end of the wheel lock removal tool, using the rubber mallet. The wheel lock removal tool has to be really stuck on the wheel lock. You’re going to notice how the teeth inside the wheel lock removal tool are going to dig into the wheel lock itself.

  1. Loosen the wheel lock

Turn the removal tool counterclockwise using the lug nut wrench. This is going to loosen the wheel lock. It may take some effort for lose the wheel lock so make sure you have the muscle for it.

  1. You’re almost done

When you feel the wheel lock loses enough, you shouldn’t have any problems in turning off the rest using your hand. Your wheel lock is going to be stuck in the removal tool.

  1. Get the wheel lockout from the tool

Use the screwdriver through the hole in the wheel lock removal tool, punching it against the lock. Use the mallet for hitting the punch.

Even if the wheel lock is going to be all damaged, it should pop out rather easy.

Tip: You may have to hold the lug nut in a vise and you may need to turn the removal tool clockwise in order to remove the lug nut out of the tool.

  1. Do the same with the other wheel locks

you need to go through the same steps for all the other wheel locks.

How to remove the wheel locks with a wheel lock key

This is the ideal situation and here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Wheel luck key
  • The nut wrench from your car

Warning: You should never use power tools for removing the wheel lock from your car. It’s important to stay safe as the power tool has quite some force and you don’t want to strip nor damage the wheel lock of the wheel lock key. You’re not going to be able to use them at all if so.

Here are the steps you should take for removing the wheel locks with the wheel lock key:

  1. Your car has to be in park

This is mandatory and you should also engage the parking brake for playing safe all the way.

  1. Make sure to align the key with the nut

You need to line up the splines on the wheel lock key, but also the wheel lock on the wheel. It’s important that you place the wheel lock key on the wheel lock. Turn it really slowly until the designs/tabs to line up. You should notice how the wheel lock key drops into place on the wheel lock.

  1. Put the lug nut wrench on the wheel lock key

We’re talking about a six-point hexagonal head that is supposed to match the size of your car’s wheel nuts.

  1. Turn the lug wrench using a counterclockwise motion

Using this motion is going to loosen the wheel lock. You do need to put some muscle into it.

  1. Use your hand for turning the wheel lock off

When you feel the wheel lock loosened, you’re going to be able to turn the wheel lock off really using, by hand.

Note: If you’re going to put the wheel locks back again, you should follow the same steps, but going in reverse.

One last thought

Using wheel locks is fundamental especially if you fancy your car. Don’t hesitate getting them and install them asap.

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