3 Steps to bring Healthy Working Environment in Your Office

Do your employees grumble and stare blankly when you hold meetings about job performance? Do they clock in and count the minutes until they’re finished so they can go home and forget about the stresses of the office? Those aren’t happy workers, and you’ve probably noticed it in their work quality. But don’t fret, because there are a few quick tips you can take to make sure your employees are happy to be working for you and loyal to the end.

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3 Steps to bring Healthy Working Environment in Your Office

Work as a team

While being able to work independently and staying self-motivated are great traits to have, building a team will change the entire dynamic in the workplace. When workers feel like they’re not alone and have someone to talk to and seek help from in times of need, they’re less likely to leave at the end of the day with a sense of defeat. Try to keep employees in the loop with other departments and remind them that without one cog in the machine, the machine won’t work. They’ll be more willing to jump in without having to be asked and more willing to give more than what’s required of them. It may sound overly simple, but if you want employees to feel like a team, make sure you act like one. Spend time outside work with one another or get in on something that everyone can get involved in. Pitch in to buy something nice for the office like a shared coffee maker everyone will enjoy or a service like food delivery, organizing games. Make sure it’s something that the whole office can enjoy and workers will feel a sense of satisfaction from working together to provide for themselves.

Foster healthy competition

Find out what motivates your employees. Is it an extra vacation day to the top salesman? Is it the opportunity to present new ideas to leadership and separate themselves from the rest of the pack? Forbes listed the top motivators for employees and while the list isn’t exactly breakthrough, it’s a great reminder that simply telling someone to do something doesn’t always work. It may work in the short-term but it’s unlikely that your employees will ever go above and beyond their job requirements. A little competition is always a good thing because it allows for someone to be recognized for their hard work and provides a little extra incentive to push harder. Try to keep the playing field even, however. If one employee is consistently proving themselves a top dog, it could make others feel undervalued.

Focus on the positive

Try a little experiment. The next time things aren’t going the way you want them to in the office, gather your employees for a huddle and let them know. But instead of telling them that they’re doing something wrong, ask them what they think is happening. Then try using the “compliment sandwich.” Give them something that they’re excelling in, followed by something you notice could use some improvement, and top it all off with another compliment. Express the faith you have in your team and provide a clear picture of why this matters to them – better business practices means there’s room for raises in the future, right? You’ll see a marked improvement in their demeanor and attitude that will translate to happier and more productive workers.

Don’t let your team get stuck in a rut of the same old behaviors that have gotten you nowhere in the past. Think clearly and logically when communicating with them and you’ll find that everyone’s attitude and work quality will improve.

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