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What is Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz or cricbuzz com is a sports news site or app dedicated to cricket only. It is a very much famous site on the internet and has huge web traffic of cricket lovers. Alexa rank of traffic cited at 346 which means this is 346th the most popular site on the internet. As far as the most traffic cricbuzz com received from India which is very obvious because of the big nation of 130 billion people and all loves the cricket. Since it features all the news from cricket, live cricket scorecard coverage, players, and teams ICC ranking. For latest updates tune to website cricbuzz com.

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Cricbuzz Com History

As far history is concerned, Cricbuzz or Cricbuzz com is created by former Infosys employees in 2004 and in 2010 mobile app for cricket is created by them.

Times Internet acquired a majority stake in CricBuzz. Cribuzz com is acquired at an undisclosed sub but Post acquisition, the website is still managed by the original founders.

The popularity of Cricbuzz among the users is very high. It has also crossed over billions of page views per month. Which is nearly closed to facebook.

What is available at Cricbuzz Com

live scores 

Cricbuzz offers live scores for users. Ball to ball cricket commentary is placed on Cricbuzz with updated cricket scores from domestic to international series for men and women. Which is one of the most loving aspects by the cricket fans?


Cricbuzz shows the schedule for past series of cricket and upcoming series. Millions of cricket fans who want to know the upcoming schedule of their favorite team can check it from the website itself. A huge plus point.


This is a beautiful feature of the website. It has all the previous data of international cricket played between any nations. It has the data since the very first test match played between Australia and England in 1877 to till date. Which is amazing. Isn’t it!

Cricket news

Now users can check the latest news on cricket, Interviews with experts, spotlights, stats, and analysis.

Videos from Experts

You can now watch the latest videos on Cricbuzz com of various team players, captains, and coaches etc.


Cricbuzz com collects photos of cricket which you would love to see. These pics are taken on high intensity of game of cricket. Which will make you cricket fan if you are still not a cricket fan.

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Here you can check the ICC Player and Team Rankings

Batsmen ranking For Test, ODI, and T20s

Bowlers ranking for Test, ODI, and T20s

All-rounders ranking for Test, ODI, and T20s

Teams ranking for Test, ODI and T20s

Cricbuzz Mobile App

Now you can download Cricbuzz com app for mobile for latest updates of cricket. The app crosses 60 Million downloads. Here is screenshot you will see on your mobile.

    • Download for Android
    • Indian languages App for Android
    • Download for iPhone
    • Download for Windows Phone
    • for mobile browsers
  • Install Chrome Extension

Disclaimer We are not affiliated with Cricbuzz and collected all the information from internet sources. All the copyrights are reserved by the owner.

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