Are You Compromising with Your Health by Using Public Toilets

Thousands of people sit on public restrooms and bring many diseases with them, if not used carefully, it can cause infections, in any office or in a hospital and in any place where you have to go to the toilet. There are so many people coming to such places and who are the kind of people who use toilet and who do not even know which kind of disease is there. Bacteria are stuck on the toilet seat and when another person sits on it, these bacteria will take on their skin and some of them also go inside the skin. If the public toilets are not clean or you do not sit carefully with care, they may have 5 types of infections which can cause a serious infection like skin, lung, kidney. If you also use them, then definitely know these things, see which infections can be, and how you save yourself, see what caution you should keep. You can come in contact with these problems while using public toilets.

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E. coli 

Once you contacted with E coli bacteria you will face a lot of problems such as diarrhea, abdominal cramping, stomach distress and vomiting.


Bacteria causes severe diarrhea, abdominal cramping and other gastrointestinal distress that may last for about a week on Toilet seat. It can easily transmit to your skin. Wash your toilet seat regularly with bleach.


This bacteria can live on a toilet seat for more than two months. This can make problem in your skin and produce rashes.


Influenza or common cold virus can live for as many as two or three days on nonporous surfaces like a toilet seat, including your phone and the remote control. Always wash your hand to prevent this.

By keeping a toilet neat and clean you can avoid these problems. However, use a paper while seating on toilet can make you stay away from these problems.

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