6 Best iPhone XR Cases to buy to protect your new device

There’s no way to avoid knowing the fact that a new iPhone has been released, and Apple’s new range of iPhones is perhaps its best ever. But the iPhone XR’s good looks come with similar vulnerabilities i.e its massive screen is beautiful, but that means there’s even more risk for a screen to crack and that metallic body is easy to dent. So, if you’re gunning for Apple’s new mid-sized iPhone XR, then you might want to consider investing in some protection to stop your expensive new iPhone XR sprouting cracks and chips. Here are the best iPhone XR cases to keep your iPhone XR beautiful.

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Gatsby Coral Impact iPhone XR Cases

Gatsby Coral Impact iPhone XR Cases are perfect amalgamation of design and protection. This case has a vibrant back that lets you see your gorgeous new iPhone and protects it from debris. And while the Catalyst Impact Protection Case will protect your iPhone XR from all accidental drops, it’s still thin enough to support Qi wireless.


nomad carbon case

The Nomad Carbon Case is a sleek option with a low profile that hugs your new XR without even appearing bulky. While it’s called the Nomad Carbon case, it is actually made from a proprietary plastic that is both durable and protects your phone from scratches and debris. Best of all, Nomad claims its newest offering will protect your smartphone from drops up to six feet thanks to a discreet rubber bumper that sits inside the case.

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Protection is exceptionally important, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t fit your smartphone in your pocket when you need to. Otterbox‘s Commuter Series is crafted to sidestep this problem. Made from a dual-layer system of shock-absorbing hard polycarbonate (PC) and TPU, the Commuter is all the protection you’d expect from Otterbox, with a slim profile that’s easy to slip in and out of a pocket.



If you have purchased the iPhone XR, there’s a good chance you’d like to show off its unique color. iPhone XR Clear Case is constructed of a very thick polycarbonate with flexible TPU materials. It slides on easily and will provide you with protection from scratches and drops. Though it’s durable enough to protect your new



Looking for a slim iPhone XR Cases that’s also packed with cool features? Look no further than Moshi‘s Capto XR case. It comes with good protection for a slim XR case, using a hard shell to provide military-grade MIL STD-810G protection against drops, as well as a raised bezel to protect the device when laid down. But the real magic comes from the strap on its back. When not in use, it clips to the back of the case, holding flat against your smartphone.


Nomad’s Rugged Case consistently makes a list of favorite cases because it’s both refined and rugged. The case is constructed from high-grade polycarbonate and trimmed with Horween leather. This case is specially made to withstand the rigors of everyday living, developing a gorgeous patina as it ages. Even though it’s meant to withstand drops up to six feet, the Nomad Rugged Case is remarkably very thin and fits the new iPhone XR like a glove.

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