Best Business Class Seats to Europe 2019

International flights may be quite long, but comfortable seats will guarantee you a fantastic journey. The business class ticket may be the best choice here. It will provide you with a comfy seat, personal space, and great service at a cheaper cost than first class.

Have you ever wondered which airline serves the best business flights to Europe? Do you want to find out what seats are the best? Find the answers in our article.

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Reasons to Choose Business Class Seats

A comfortable and easy flight is an essential demand for every person traveling long distances. Fortunately, business class can provide you with anything required for a comfortable and pleasant trip.

The business class cabin will grant you the following:

  • Comfortable sleeping place – you will get a wide seat that can easily transform into a bed;
  • High privacy – in best cabins, the seats are arranged to provide passengers with the maximum amount of personal space;
  • Great design – the seats are created with extreme attention to detail, so they are both appealing and functional;
  • Luxury amenities – cotton pajamas, sleepers and cosmetics designed by famous brands will make your flight even more comfortable.

Types of Business Class Cabin

A business class cabin may have a different seating structure depending on the type of the airplane. We will describe some common seat types that you can find traveling to Europe.

Herringbone Seats

This was the first seat configuration that provided full aisle access. Unfortunately, these seats lack personal space compared to more modern ones. They are arranged in a 1-2-1 pattern and don’t have a lot of storage space. While they seem to be a little outdated, you still can find these seats on some planes.

Reverse Herringbone Seats

The distinctive feature of this arrangement is that there are no bad seats. Both window and central seats are private and have direct access to the aisle. They are comfortable and will grant you enough personal space to relax during the flight. If you travel alone and wish for maximum privacy, this type of seats will be the best choice.

Delta One Suite

The next on our list is a unique seat configuration that you can find on Delta’s airplanes. This company modified Vantage XL seats, equipping them with doors. This will grant you maximum personal space during the flight. Central seats have a partition that could be lowered if you travel with a company.

Qatar Qsuite

And last but not least, the incredible seats created by Qatar Airways. Their business class cabins are equipped with private and spacious Qsuites that can be closed with a door. The suites are thoughtfully designed and provide you with a comfortable sleeping place and plenty of storage. Central seats can be transformed into a double bed or even a “quad” suite. This fantastic design was the reason why Qsuites are recognized as best worldwide.

business class seats

Airlines with the Best Business Class Seats

If you want to fly to Europe, you can find different ticket offers from numerous companies on the web. However, only several airways provide an amazing business class service. We will list the leading airlines that serve flights to Europe from all around the world.

Top 5 airways with the best business class seats are:

1. Qatar

Recently Skytrax published their rating of business class airlines, and Qatar Airways was deservedly the first on their list. Their transformable Qsuites are perfect for families and friends traveling together. Enjoy delicious dishes and luxurious amenities in an impressive atmosphere.

2. Delta Air Lines

This is a leading airline that serves transatlantic flights. Try to get tickets on Airbus A350, because these airplanes are equipped with Delta One Suites. Onboard service is fantastic; it includes meals designed by professional chefs paired with wine selected by the sommelier.

3. Emirates

Another giant airline, Emirates offer fantastic business class cabins. Cosy seats are designed to ensure you have a good rest, while the menu offers restaurant-level cuisine. And travelers with kids will certainly like specially designed toys and amenity bags.

4. Lufthansa

Leading in Europe, this company provides a high-level business class service. Their seats are long enough for comfortable rest. On the downside, the storage options are a little limited. Onboard you will get access to a great entertainment system, gourmet menu, and high-quality amenities.

5. Turkish Airlines

turkish airlines

This is a giant airway company that flies to more than 100 countries around the world. Their business cabins have comfortable seats equipped with storage compartments. Amazing dining options, helpful crew and extensive selections of films will guarantee a wonderful flight. What is more, Turkish Airlines provide an amazing onboard lounge that was named the best in the world.


There are a lot of different companies providing business class flights to Europe. While all of them may have their own advantages, we recommend choosing the leading airlines described in this article. They offer fantastic services that will make your journey unforgettable. In case if you need a last minute business class ticket, we will gladly help you find one.

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