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Cricket is played now from hundreds of years.Nowadays, It is played in three formats One day, Test Match and T20. The first match was played between Australia and England in 15–19 March 1877 at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne. It is where the cricket started first. It is a place where cricket emerged and now cricket becomes a passion for millions of people and obsession for many too.

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Young boys are very impressed with this game and almost everyone wants to be a good cricketer. Although cricket is not a game of India, it is still played with full joy and enthusiasm today. Cricket is played in many countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, England, Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand etc. Test match is five days in which there are two teams of 11-11 players, each team gets the opportunity to play two innings, the team that makes the most runs, the winner becomes the same.

Defeat and win are two aspects of this game that make this game exciting and suspicious. This game becomes great when cricket fans lubricate the whole stadium on the fours and sixes of their favorite batsmen.

A Game that Unites

Cricket is a game that united two different communities, people and countries. When it is played with the game’s spirit. Many people resemble cricket with gentleman’s game but in recent years the racial comments and sledging are used by players many times to affect the game’s result. Which is not a good sign for cricket. We have seen Aussies are using this strategy number of times.

Since cricket is a passion for many people and we want to see more of it. I remember 10 years ago we get updates of cricket on our mobile phones. Mobile companies even charges for these updates. We were in our college or schools and get those updates. We use to watch cricket updates online on website vcricket which is closed now. Here is what we can see on their screenshot.

vcricket is closed now please check other resources for cricket updates.

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Finally, Vcricket is Closed

This may be because of big competition from Cricbuzz and Cricinfo. Vcricket declared their last inning on 13.12.2016 which is declared on their website too.

If you still want to watch updates on cricket there are a number of news websites and cricket news websites as well including cricbuzz and Cricinfo.

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