For Brand Owners: What You Should Know About Influencer Marketing?

If you are owning a brand, what is the best way to promote your products? Running shops on Amazon, Etsy, Wish or Aliexpress? Or try to ask someone for help?

Here we are not talking about hiring an agency. We are talking about a very popular online marketing strategy- Influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is different from other marketing methods. It focuses on the use of the influencers, therefore bring your brand into a bigger market and more potential customers. This method allows influencers to endorse and promote your products through their traffic and influences, instead of selling products directly to customers.

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Influencer Marketing

1. So, what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is usually closely related to two other marketing methods – social media marketing and content marketing. Those influences promote your brand or products through social media with their personal traffic and influence. Also, influencer marketing has two ways to produce content: You can provide them with ready-made content, or let the influencers create their own. Therefore, although social media marketing and content marketing are usually applied to online influencer marketing, they are still slightly different.

For this method of marketing, you should focus on the influencers themselves, rather than on the entire target market. So, the proper approach is that once the target customers are confirmed, directly purchase the influence from influencers, and then marketing activities are carried out for different opinions from costumers.

In a word, online influencer marketing means finding a well-known and influential person in a particular field or community to achieve the purpose of promoting and recommending products.

Therefore, in this case, influencers are the authority and expert among the potential consumers in the target market and has an intuitive and measurable impact on the ultimate potential customers.

2. What are the keys to online influencer marketing?

First, you need some differentiated highlights to build influencer marketing, finding these specific influencers by the keywords of brand or products, or through TapInfluence and other platforms to develop marketing plans for influencer marketing.

The key indicators related to sales and brand awareness, if you work with the brand or agent and are interested in running an online influencer campaign, the main reason is that it enhances the company’s influence and enhances brand awareness.

However, you also need to remember a few things:

1) Carefully choose the right influencer.

In influencer marketing, finding the right and accurate influencers has been half successful. You can’t blindly choose them and start marketing activities. The selected influencer is consistent with the company’s target consumers and markets, and you need to identify the potential consumer images. The content of the communication needs to conform to the brand image, connotation and aesthetics.

2) Start from the brand itself, aim at the goal, develop marketing plans and strategies.

Before deciding to start influencer marketing, you must have complete plans and strategies, such as account management and product demonstrations. In addition, you should describe the requirements for each step of the conversion, including clear what you want to get from these influencers to better achieve sales conversions.

3) Recognize the work of the influencers.

For example, you can provide some small gifts or discount coupons to express your recognition of their work. This will not only help their gain more people’s like and attention, but also encourage them to be more active to spread your brand value.

4) Reuse the Influencers’ original content.

One of the most efficient online marketing methods is to make full use of the original content of the influencers. Once the promotion cooperation is over, you can reuse these wonderful contents for other ads or different channels, because they are more convincing than other blunt ads.

3.The rewards of influencer marketing

The most common practices for rewards are to provide products, commissions or fixed fees, and some resource replacements on social media.

Those experienced influencers have clarified the quotation and details of advertising promotion according to product requirements. But in general, according to the characteristics of the influencers, the customized and negotiated promotion programs are ideal.

1) View the number of his/her ads.

The number of advertisements also determines their trustworthiness level. If an influencer receives too many advertisements and sponsored content, it means the trustiness from his/her flowers will be lost soon.

2) Check out the records that he/she has achieved.

Is your selected influencer also working with other brands? If so, what kind of results have they achieved? Before you finally decide on the cooperation, please learn more about what they have achieved. If he/she had been successfully completed those collaborations with other brands in the past, then it is likely that he/she is the partner you are looking for.

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