8 Most Famous President Houses – See How much beautiful and Large these are

The president plays a key role in every country’s government. For this reason, President House also gets the highest place in the country. President House of every country is made of different, unique and top ranking. Permission is also granted to the tourists in the President House in some countries. Today we are going to tell you about such a special and most famous President Houses, whom beauty is discussed all over the world. Let’s know about some of the best Presidential buildings around the world, who have become beautifully beautiful.

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1. Washington, White House

The President of the United States is one of the best and secure buildings in the world. This building made of Crick Sandstone is very beautiful.

2. Rashtrapati Bhavan, India


The Presidential Residence in India is located at the Western end of Rajpath in New Delhi, India. It has an area covering 320 acres, one of the largest presidential residence in the world. The mansion has spread over 4 floors, a total of 340 rooms, 2.5 kilometers of corridors and 190 acres of garden area. It is one of the most beautiful presidential house in the world.

3. UAE, Abu Dhabi

This Arabian Presidential Palace spreads over 20 million square feet on the seashore. Everyone is shocked to see the beauty of this world’s most expensive building.

4. Kazakhstan, Astana

The building of this President House of Kazakhstan remains 80 feet high. The President, along with his staff, is also here.

5. Czech Republic, Prague Castle

This palace or the President House is the oldest and largest building in the world. Due to its beauty and grandeur, the name of this building has been recorded in the Guinness Book.

6. Moscow, Grand Kremlin Palace

Made in Russia’s Moscow city, this building has been rebuilt again. It took about 12 years to build this beautiful house.

7. London, Buckingham Palace

This beautiful building of the Queen of Britain is also less beautiful than anyone else. Within 1705, there was a workshop for making fame art, 750 rooms, post office, cinema hall, swimming pool, hospital and Queen’s jewelry all over the world inside this palace.

8. South Korea, The Blue House


Both South Korean President and Vice-President live in this building. 15,000 blue granite tiles have been used to make this house spread over 62 acres. If you have a passport then you can roam inside.

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