7 Bad Habits that almost everyone have

Often people get used to it that they are sitting and continuously touches ears, nose, eyes and any other body part. But, do you know that there are 7 important organs in the body that they should never touch. Actually, Bad Habits of touching these organs can make you sick. There is a risk of spreading infection by touching them. If you were unaware of this information so far, then this news is for you. It is important to take care of these things to keep the injection away. Let’s know who are those parts of the body, which are dangerous to touch.

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What are those bad habits?

1. Do not touch eyes

Mostly we invite our eyes. Sometimes they are rubbing them on pain or again. Eyes are also sensitivities and catch fastest infections. But, often these things are not taken care of when they touch them. There may also be an infection by touching them. Because the bones of the hands and nails move easily in the eyes. It is therefore common to have itching in the eyes and gradually it takes the form of infections.

2. Do not touch your face

Everyone has a habit of washing their face daily. Even after the bath, people are alert about their face and constantly touching it. It is dangerous to have oil on the face or to clean it again and again. Often such people have pimples on their face. There is also a danger of having an infection due to repeated bodily injury. The chances of Skin problem will increase. Therefore, caution is necessary. Do not touch your face after washing your face.

3. Do not insert figure inside of the ears

People often habit that they clean their hands with their ears. Some people try to clean it by hand or with some other thing when it is itching in the ear. But, it is extremely dangerous. It has an effect on the ear canal within the ear. It can be damaged.

4. Do not put finger inside Nose

Often people clean the eyes, even with the fingers in the nose like the eyes. But, do not ever think that because of which he is removing the dirt, he is actually feasting on the dirt. False injection can also spread by going through the nose of the hands in the nose of the hand. The most correct way to clean the nose is the sanitize tissue. By cleaning this, there is no danger of infections any time.

5. Do not place the hand on anal

Annal is a part of the body that can cause some diseases from touching. This is a super sensitive area. The amount of bacteria in the grains is high. The touch of which can also cause bacteria in the hands. In such a way, when you put the hands of these bacteria on the other parts of the body, the risk of spreading infection increases.

6. Nail skin

Many times the skin inside the nail appears to look dirty. In this way, people take them out with their hands or clean it with a nail cutter. But, it’s dangerous. It has the risk of having fungal infections.

7. Do not touch inside your mouth

However, this habit is rarely seen in people. But, still, putting a hand in the mouth is like feeding diseases. Even if you have washed your hands well, but the amount of bacteria in your hands sticks in the skin. With this, all these bacteria go into your mouth.

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