5 Warning signs of Brain Tumor That You Should not Ignore

Brain tumors occur in many shapes and sizes, and their symmetry is similar. Theodore Schwartz, MD of a neurosurgeon, says that its signs of brain tumor depend on the tumor’s location. Like if you have Tumor Brain, it will control your arm and eyeshadow. With this, you will get pain in the joints as you look dull. But according to doctors, there are some systems which can be identified by this dangerous disease.

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Different dizziness

The first sign of any type of brain tumor is Caesar. Suddenly, lightning flows in the brain and dizziness. In this, sometimes the whole body can clutter and sometimes shocks may occur, then the body may suddenly lean or turn off.

Any part of the body or face is suddenly numbed. This happens when there is a tumor on any part of the brain.

Forgetting Things

If you forget which key you have been missing? If you do not remember the stairs and have to make a stride to remember your balance then it’s time to get this alert. There is a problem in speaking and swallowing. Consult a doctor if Facial Expression changes certainly.


According to Dr. Schwartz, much of these signs cannot be explored. But this is one of Tumor’s signals.

Vision change

Blur or double vision or less visible is also a sign of brain tumor. Sometimes you will see blurred images around you and will not able to see pictures or images clearly. Now, It’s time to go for a check up.

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